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Matthew Walters, R.Kin
Empower Health & Performance

Your guide to keeping you and your body feeling healthy, strong, & pain-free!

About Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the science of human movement and exercise. It is the study of human movement and its components (anatomical, physiological, neurological, biochemical, biomechanical, neuromotor, psychological) and mechanisms which drive human function and performance. It uses and applies these components to improve health and wellbeing.

Kinesiologists assess human movement, performance, and lifestyle while working to manage, maintain, rehabilitate or enhance movement, performance, and overall health.


As university-educated health professionals, Kinesiologists apply exercise and movement science to promote health and well-being; prevent, manage, and rehabilitate injuries; treat illness and chronic disease; restore function; and optimize human performance in the workplace, clinical settings, sport, and fitness. Kinesiologists are the only human movement specialists who use science and research to offer movement as medicine, to any person with a health or fitness goal who wants a hands-on, personalized approach.

Matthew Walters Registered Kinesiologist, RHEP-OFC, Strength and Fitness Coach, smilining and welcoming

Mission & Vision

Knowing many people (including family and friends) who have struggled with chronic illnesses and injuries, I've always searched for answers on how to help provide support and positive change for myself and others.

Learning more, I've found that movement and healthy lifestyle habits (including nutrition, sleep, exercise, and community support) form the foundations of our health. My ultimate goal is to be able to share this knowledge with everyone and provide access to this care, in a world where it's not always easy to take care of our health. 

I'm working towards building a future where we can all find a healthy lifestyle that matches our unique needs, culture, interests, and goals and feel empowered towards making positive change. Our happiness and wellbeing can improve significantly when we take steps towards bettering our health, and everyone deserves a chance to be make this a reality. 

Manual therapy and private clinical assessment room 16a newbridge road etobicoke ontario

Private Treatment Room

Our private treatment room is used to assess your injuries and provide soft tissue release treatment!

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