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Kinesiology Kinesiologist Injury Rehabilitation and Strength and Fitness Training Services

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Find exactly what you need to improve your health, injuries, or performance! These services help to support each aspect of your health as you see fit.

  • Exercise can help prevent and manage more than 25 physical and mental chronic conditions.

  • Exercise helps prevent and manage common conditions like depression, anxiety, diabetes, heart conditions and chronic pain.

  • Exercise can help prevent and recover from injuries like musculoskeletal disorders

  • Health coaching from a professional, like a Kinesiologist, can improve factors like activity levels, weight management, self-efficacy, blood sugar, blood pressure and more.

  • Canadians are more likely to stick to their treatment program with the guidance of a Kinesiologist.

  • A Kinesiologist provides accountable, clinically grounded care that does more for your health than just a walk in the park or a gym membership.

(Ontario Kinesiology Association. (n.d.). The Kinesiology Movement & Extended Health Benefits. OKA. Retrieved October 30, 2022, from

What makes Kinesiology so powerful?))

Choose your Appointment Type

Any appointment length to suit your schedule or needs. Want a quick check-in, a long recovery session, or a mix of both? I got you covered!

30 Minutes

$65/session + HST

60 Minutes

$130/session + HST

90 Minutes

$195/session + HST

Choose your Schedule



A great option for those who need less support. Check in once every 4-weeks to reassess your goals, movement function, and performance. 



A great fit for most people looking to make consistent progress towards their goals. Weekly appointments offer a good mix of professionally supervised support and independent at-home work. 


2X Weekly

For the high achiever or someone who is interested in that little bit of extra support. Two weekly appointments provide you the opportunity to progress, learn, and enhance your efforts towards your goals.


By Appointment Only

Etobicoke/Toronto Locations Available


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