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Why the GYM is more than “Just” Exercise

The gym is great, don’t get me wrong. I love the environment, the exercise, and community just as much as the next. I’ve just come to realize that exercise can often get boxed or limited to just what we do inside the gym.

Too often there is a disconnect that does not translate that well to its relevance and benefits as a great form of movement practice for our daily activities and lives.

Not only are we able to build these stronger, more resilient bodies through exercise but we are also practicing and patterning these same movements! Every set, every repetition is another opportunity to practice and solidify a pattern in our brains.

This is part of why technique is so important. Learning ways to move our bodies more effectively, and giving attention to how we are moving (and not just how much you lift) can be of huge benefit.

Learning to move, understand, and command our bodies is something that most of us haven’t done since high school or middle school gym class. We haven’t put in the practice, the time, or attention to learning effective ways to move our bodies that won’t put wear on tear on our joints ESPECIALLY as we continue to age.

Now here’s the cool part (in my opinion)! The same movements we learn in the gym, or through exercise can be just as beneficial OUTSIDE the gym/workout as they are INSIDE!

By using these movement patterns OUTSIDE, in your everyday life, you are carrying with you that same injury resiliency, efficiency, and mobility that you are working hard on in the gym. (Plus it’s a great way to sneak in some extra easy reps for the day ☺)

So if you are reading this, I encourage you to give it a try!

Tying your shoe? Maybe a lunge could feel better on your back.

Picking up your kids? Maybe that same lunge, or even a Deadlift/Hip Hinge might be appropriate here.

Have to bend over to grab something? Again maybe a hinge.

Need to push or pull something, open a door? A push-up/rowing position could feel better on your shoulders.

Need to grab something high up? That same overhead pressing, or pulling position might get you there comfortably.

Get the idea?

We only spend a limited amount of time actually IN the gym. Taking what we learn, what we practice, and now applying outside of that 60–90mins is where we can work towards so much more benefit.

There are just so many more opportunities for applications of exercises and movements outside of the gym, we just have to look.


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