You want to look good, feel even better, and ultimately...




Problem is... you are TIRED and FRUSTRATED


Here's the situation...


Other attempts, treatments, or past diets haven't worked.


You still have that nagging pain…

Still working on losing weight…

Your health or physique still just isn't where you want it to be...

You're not really sure where to go next, but you just need something that works.


You want to FEEL GREATER,


I'm going to do just that.


I'd like to help you live your best life with my Private VIP Feel Greater, Be Greater (FGBG) Coaching program. This will get your health on track, PERMANENTLY. (Seriously)


It doesn't matter if you have never tried being healthy before, if you’ve tried everything in the book, if you’re too busy, or if the weight or injury keeps coming back.


This is NOT:


Just while on another diet…

Just while you have more time or money…

Just while you are doing another alternative treatment…



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**Please only book if you are ready to take action.

Do you feel like your current health situation is holding you back from living your best life?


Have you tried physios, dietitians, nephropathy, massage, etc., but it just doesn’t really work?


Tons of alternative diets without any luck?


Are you just too busy to find the time?


Did the weight or injury just keep coming back?

Do you want personalized care and understanding?

Diet Banana
Alarm Clock
On the Scales

You know that this CAN'T JUST BE IT.

You know you could be doing more.

But let’s be honest… It can get discouraging, and overwhelming.

Sometimes it’s just easier not to even think about. 


But I want to be clear…


This isn’t just another diet, treatment, or time sink. This isn’t something you do for a bit, then stop. 


I want you to make LASTING progress.

This is change FOR LIFE.


We shouldn’t have to accept pain, discomfort, weight gain, or illness...right? Shouldn’t we have a choice?


I work obsessively to create a process that gets results over the long term, for anyone, regardless of your starting point. 

We work to build your health from the ground up.


These benefits are clear.

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I have faced my health challenges, and injuries. Now I WANT THIS FOR YOU.

**Please only book if you are ready to take action.

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Matthew Walters (but you can call me Matt).

As a health and performance coach, it is my passion and opportunity to help distill the overwhelming amount of information out there to empower wellness seekers such as yourself!

I am always learning, and digesting new, up to date information to optimize outcomes. Not only am I an honors graduate and continued student, but I am a bit of a stubborn thinker.


I work tirelessly to find solutions, or improvements, to obstacles, and try everything possible before re-thinking my approach. 


I've experienced and seen a lot, and continue to look for more. I know what it is like to have family suffer from chronic illness or injury.


I've traveled the weight loss journey, the competitive athlete journey, the muscle and physique journey. I've been through injury and pain. I've made it through, and continue to move forward. 

I understand what it is like to have the will and urge to do more. Be healthier, be faster, be stronger. I understand the mental and physical complexities of these journeys. 

That's basically it. I am understanding, always learning more learn, I am analytical, I am driven, I stay positive and I work HARD. 

I want to share this with you.

The VIP Feel Greater,

Be Greater  Coaching Program.


A clear STEP-BY-STEP process to help get you on track to live longer, pain free, and feeling your best, so you get the most out of what life has to offer.

  • Easily manage and build better health and performance 

  • Have your health work for you, instead of against you

  • Active Coaching plan puts you in control

  • Reap the benefits for years to come

  • Live your best life!

What you will get:


  • Personalized Health and Performance Program every 4 Weeks, from scratch, created just for you (progressing through nutrition, exercise, and therapeutic aspects) - $197

  • Weekly 30 min 1:1 Video Coaching Calls to offer support, accountability, monitor progress, and ensure a steady course - $197

  • Weekly Follow-up Call Summaries and Objectives to review, keeping you focused and motivated - $97

  • Up to date Nutrition, Exercise, Behavioral, Therapeutic Methodologies and Research in the field - $97

  • Continued Program Adjustments to stay on track - $97

  • Lifetime Access to my growing Online Resources, Communities, and Knowledge bases - $47​

  • VIP Service and Support (Q&A, 24h email responses, office hours, limited clientele) - $47​

  • Daily Activity and Recovery Methods - $47​​

  • Lifestyle Management and Habit Development - $47​​

  • Exercise Technique Analysis, and Correction - $47​​

  • Anything & Everything you need to reach your DREAM Goals - $PRICELESS




LIMITED TIME OFFER$397/month or $99/week ($523 savings!)

**Plus HST
**Please only book if you are ready to take action.


- Karen, S.

"I've had other coaches in the past but the reason I was so successful with Matthew is that he really listened to me, challenged and encouraged me, never exceeding my current abilities.


He adjusted my program to ensure I could continue to reach my goals and I ended up exceeding them. I am absolutely thrilled with the results and thoroughly recommend him!"


- Karen S.

- Karen P.

"Thank you Matthew for sharing your knowledge and expertise in creating such fun and effective programs!"

- Adrienne S. &

Jonathan M.

"Thank you so much for Keeping us healthy and fit! Your programs were always challenging, but amazing - among the best we've ever experienced.


You always had such a positive attitude, approach and support"

I've worked for 5 years in the industry, graduated with honors through my programs, invest in continued learning and have effectively helped dozens of people make healthy lifestyle changes, permanently. 

**Please only book if you are ready to take action.

How the process works:


STEP 1: Understanding the WHY


Internal motivation is just as, if not even more, important than external sources. This is why your WHY behind what you want to achieve is such an important factor. It will motivate you towards your goal, and help keep you there. 

Many passive treatment plans, diets, or fads, don't address the underlying causes that lead to our current situations. This results in quick fixes, or band-aid solutions to the symptoms. This is why understanding the WHY behind what got you here is also key in moving forward permanently. 

STEP 2: Current Starting point & Relevant Assessments


We have to know where we are, honestly, to know what directions we need to go. So we will take inventory of all relevant measurements, screens or restrictions in relation to your goal. 

STEP 3: Build the plan


This is where we lay out the personal steps for developing essential habits which create long lasting change. Taking all aspects of your specific situation into consideration, and considering all aspects holistically.


(Mental, Physical, Health Factors, Nutritional, Movement/Exercise, Diagnosis & Therapies, Performance and Supplementation, Timelines, etc.)

STEP 4: Monitor


Client-Coach accountability weekly, and reassessments monthly, to monitor effectiveness and success.


STEP 5: Adapt


Everyone is different, and things change. This is where we modify the plan as needed to ensure continual health and performance progress, or until your dream goals are reached. :)




(spaces are limited.)

**Please only book if you are ready to take action.


Money back guarantee, if you do the work, it works. I don’t want anything holding you back from living the life you want to live.

So if you don't get results, we try everything, and you can prove to me you did the work, I will gladly refund you. That's my guarantee! I don't want this fear to stop you!


What exactly is the FGBG program?

A clear STEP-BY-STEP process to help get you on track to live longer, pain free, and feeling your best, so you get the most out of what life has to offer.

Who is this program for?

If you are someone who wants to make permanent positive change to their health, reap all the rewards it has to offer, and have tried repeatedly before without making any progress. This is the program for you.

Will this program work for me? How long until I get results?

Yes, it has been proven by dozens of people, and backed by science. How long before you get started? The healthy lifestyle progress will come as soon as you start making the changes. The benefits will soon follow.


What if nothing has ever worked?

Has the treatment or approach been passive (done to you, not with you)? Did you play an active role in your goal or treatment? Did you learn anything new? Do you understand what lead to your situation in the first place? Was the WHY of your situation addressed before the actual result or symptoms? 

These are just some considerations that may tell you that this will work.


What if I don’t know what to do?

That's even better! You'll be starting with a clean slate. You don't need any previous experience at all to start making positive changes. 

Let me help you with professional support and guidance.


When does the program start?

As soon as you sign up, and secure your spot!


When do I get access to content?

Right away! You will have access to me by email 24/7, during office hours, and during 1:1 Calls. I will also show you around my social media & Content hubs, where you can stay tuned for more.


How much support can I expect? What if I have lots of questions?


Ask away! The more questions the better! I want to make sure you are getting value, knowledge, and understand from me and my services! 

I want to make sure that nothing stands in the way of your progress! Whatever you need to make change, I got you!

What if I join and change my mind? Can I get a refund?


Yes. As long as you show proof that you have done the work, we have tried every angle, and that you have made zero progress. I will happily give you a refund.

What if I have more questions?

You can send me an email:​ and I will get back to you within 48hrs. You can also give me a call Mon-Fri: 2-4pm and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.

I’M READY! Sign me up!

Fantastic, click the link below!

**Please only book if you are ready to take action.

If you've made it this far...

I appreciate you taking the time to listen to my offer.

You obviously care about improving your health and performance. 

Don't let another day go by. Another week go by. Another month go by. Another year go by.

Commit to making a positive change for yourself.

I will talk to you again soon.